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Wholesale Pallets and Crates


We have been in the Pallet RECYCLING business since 1998. We BUY and SELL pallets regionally through the Southeast. We offer Recycled as well as Hybrid pallets. Hybrid pallets contain new and some recycled components. We are known as the “go-to” pallet manufacturer that can provide customers with the kind of unique pallet needs that others can’t or won’t provide. All our products

are produced by a highly experienced workforce and with a detailed attention to quality.


We will provide a free evaluation and design of your shipping platforms. Our evaluation will provide you with cost saving recommendations.

We supply the best quality pallets and the most responsive service in the south, period. And that adds up to significant cost savings and improved efficiency throughout your supply chain.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and our team works together like a well-oiled

machine to ensure quality and on-time delivery...


“Low Price Pallets has been delivering pallets to us for over 5 years. Always on time, plus pallets are alway in great condition.   - Good business”

Walter McDade, Montgomery, AL

“Good pallets, great service, we order twice a month. Never had a problem. Great customer service.”

Michael Williams, Hope Hull, AL

“Best pallet service in the south. Best prices in the area. Very polite employees. Looking forward to doing more business”

Jackie Lawson, Montgomery, AL

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