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Low Price Pallets has remarkable friendly services to asset your pallet needs. We offer a pallet repair service; on site & off site. We can come to you & fix your pallets or we can pick them up & return them repaired. Do you have unwanted pallets building up? Give us a call, we'll come pick them up & clean up.



Pallet Removal

Does your place of business have pallets that need removed off the property? Give us a call today to schedule your pickup/clean up.  


Pallet Repair

Due to the high cost of wood right now, most customers are repairing their pallets for 1/2 the price of a used pallet. We offer on-site repair, or we can pick them up & deliver them back to you repaired.


Pallet Furniture

Give us a call today to start your custom pallet furniture. Nothing is too big & nothing is too small. We can do it all.

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